Upcoming Event : Cell Phone Shootout

Time for something new and fun! All photographers will shoot models, but instead of using their DSLR. We’ll use our cell phones!

Photoshoot/Contest Rules

  1. All photos must be shot with a Cell Phone
  2. Photos must be edited on site on your cell phone
  3. Edited photos must be posted to a TBD location prior to leaving the shoot area.
  4. All photographers and Models in attendance will vote for one photo within 1 hour after photoshoot ends.

Photo with the most votes will get the model(s) and photographer:

  1. Free web hosting (for up to one year)
  2. One month of support services (http://ustech.ninja/monthly)
  3. Business Technology efficiency coaching
  4. $100 in gift cards
  5. Recommendations and backlinks to your site.

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