Nothing like heat all over the valley, guess we escaped that with a trip to Tombstone. We made it down there and decided to attempt the Good Enough Mine tour. It’s a 45 minute walking tour through the Tombstone Good Enough Mine. The tour leads you 100 feet into an old silver mine. Our guide was hysterical. I can’t recommend checking this one out enough. On our way out, another guide walks down and tells our group that there’s another tour in the Toughnut mine (2 hour walking tour) later that evening. We get out of the mine and sign up for the next tour. Turns out, we got a private tour! Loved our guides, Robert and Sam. Tons of amazing photos and gorgeous minerals. Will definitely be making it back for their advanced tour (6 hour walking tour).


Check out the photos by clicking the photo below.

Tombstone / Google Photos

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