Recommended Gear – ZT 452, Civivi Brigand and Prybrid

I might have gone on a blade kick. I'm not even sure what got me started up again. In any case, I've got three new blades for you!


First up! The Gerber Prybrid. I was looking at this one since I wouldn’t have to sharpen blades since it uses utility blades that you replace. And the price point is pretty impressive as well. (I bought mine for just around $20) It’s got a prybar on the back and blade in front. It’s my new go to for the boxes and small pry jobs. The prybar can also be used as a screwdriver. Take a look at it on Amazon here:

Next we have the ZT 452CF. This is a high end blade by Zero Tolerance. Zero Tolerance is like the Lexus to the Toyota of Kershaw. The blade has a super smooth ball bearing action to flip out and an impressive blade size of 4.1 inches. The steel is premium, SV35N. It’s insanely light as well, the smaller prybrid feels heavier. Take a look on Amazon at 

Last but not least, the Civivi Brigand. I liked the flipping so much from the ZT, I did a bit of research and wanted another flipper in the budget range. And boy was I impressed. With D2 tool steel and a razor-sharp blade with a fast flip, I’m sold. Feels great in the hand as well. Take a look on Amazon at

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