Recommendation – Hiking Boots / Work Boots – Free Soldier and RockRooster

It’s been a while since I last added a post here for a recommendation. I’ve since retired both my Danner Fullbore and Danner Dromos. The Dromos are still servicable after 4 years with a mostly flat sole, but finally broken laces. The Fullbores didn’t last even a year before they separate on the sides.

In an effort to find a viable replacement without spending a ton. I stumbled on couple brands on Amazon and after a bit of trying out, can say they’re comfy and well built for the prices I paid. I paid around $60 for the Free Soldiers and $90 for the RockRooster at the time.

Take a look for yourself and give em a try. The Rock Roosters are a bit more heavy duty while the Free Soldiers feel more like a sneaker.


Free Soldier:

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