Recommendation – Hiking Boots and Socks

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a review, so today I wanted to add a few mini reviews of my newest go to for daily wear and hiking socks and shoes. When I look for shoes and socks, or any clothes for that matter, I want them to be able to be worn in any scenario. I aim for comfort and durability with a dash of utility!

I’ll start with the socks. For a while I’ve been wearing cheap cotton socks en mass from Amazon by a company called EnerWear. I’ve had good use with them. Though recently I’ve been hiking and I’ve gotten tired of the rubbing from the cotton. Enter Merino wool. If you Google Merino wool socks, you’re bound to find Darn Tough at the top of the list. And that’s for a darn good reason. They’re comfy as all hell, wick moisture away quite well and don’t retain the stink after wearing. They fit the foot very snugly as well too. At about 20 bucks a pair, they don’t come cheap however. I managed to snag 6 of them and haven’t looked back. Though I was curious, and also found EnerWear makes Merino socks too! They aren’t as high of a concentration of wool as the others but they’re just as comfy and can make a nice go to if you don’t want to spend as much. They’re closer to 30 for 6 pairs at the time of writing.

Darn Tough 6 pack on Amazon:

EnerWear wool on Amazon:

Along with the socks, I’ve decided to try some new boots after seeing my Girlfriend’s Solomons. I’ve been a long time Danner fan and have been wearing Danner for more than 16 years. My latest pair being the Fullbore with Danner dry. They’re quite comfortable after their break in period of about a week and the waterproofing is great. Danner also guarantees them for a year. To compliment them I picked up a pair of the Solomon X Ultra 3 GTX boots. Minimal break in, quick to get on, waterproof and very light. A bit more narrow than the Danner however. They’ll both be swapped on and off to even out the wear. I can’t recommend them both enough.

Danner Fullbore on Amazon:

Solomon X Ultra 3 GTX on Amazon:

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