Colton Cowell Foundation Cocktail Party at Black Starr & Frost

What an event! Very cool to see the Batmobile up close (again…Thanks Barret Jackson for the first!)

From CCF’s Website about them: “The Colten Cowell Foundation is the non-profit that makes giving fun and accessible by creating more smiles and laughter for kids and families. After an imaginative, unforgettable Crime Fighting Cave experience, kids become real-life Super Heroes when they are empowered to give. In the process, they learn how rewarding it can be to help others—regardless of the amount. The Colten Cowell Foundation aims to change people’s perspective on giving, inspiring them to donate because they know that the experience of giving is every bit as fun as laser beam vision, flying, or most any other superpower.”

Check out the photos from the event here.

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