Terms of Service and Hiring

  1. Liability. By using my services, you waive me of any and all liability, including but not limited to property damage and injury. 
  2. Model Release By using my services in any way shape or form as a photographer, you release any and all images of you, your family or anyone in your group or at your venue to be used in any way I feel necessary. I maintain all rights to images unless otherwise specified in writing.
  3. Satisfaction is Guaranteed to a reasonable extent. I will do anything in my power to make sure you have a pleasant support experience.
  4. Editing is done to my specifications first, then yours. As you are hiring me for my creativity, I reserve the right to override specific edit requests. Composition of the photos on my site is how yours will be edited. I do not edit for any specific print sizes by default, but can frame (edit for a specific size) photos for an additional cost. Please note, photos may include a border in order to keep aspect ratios. Editing for large scale print may be done at my discretion, but if the editing is tedious and outside the realm of my normal editing, I reserve the right to charge an additional fee or do minimal edits. Removing backgrounds and shading is not part of the normal scope of editing included in my fees.
  5. Downloads must be done before the files expire. You will be charged if I have to resend photos.
  6. Cancellations of services in which a deposit was required or received is not allowed. Cancellations will forfeit your deposit.
  7. Reschedules are limited to 1. You must reschedule 48 hours ahead of time.
  8. Prepaid for a full year does not require a paypal account, but you will be responsible for keeping up with payments after the initial year.
  9. Promotion is not guaranteed. Advertising may be limited to listing you on PictureThisCity.com unless otherwise specified. I don’t guarantee any photo count . I reserve the right to limit some photos to be only posted on my site.
  10. Payments may be in the form of cash or credit (via PayPal or Square). Payments must be completed within 3 days of photoshoot.
  11. Additional Fees will be assessed and added for the following: Being late to an appointment. Rescheduling less than 48 hours ahead of time. Requesting edits after edits have been completed. Failing to choose photos within 3 days of being sent. Failing to pay within 3 days of photos. Failing to download the original photos sent and requiring me to re-send. Poor response times.
  12. Cell phone photos will not be taken. Please note that should any guest or host ask for me to take a photo with their cell or any camera other than mine, the photo will be denied.
  13. Type of photoshoot Unless otherwise stated, number photos given and edited for specific types of photoshoots can be found at http://www.azconceptphoto.com/vcard.
  14. Testimonials are kindly requested.
  15. Transportation costs may be evaluated at $1.50/mile if your area is beyond 5 miles of 85020.
  16. Discounts may be offered for referrals, or repeat clientèle.
  17. Purchasing any service binds you to these conditions. Other conditions may apply if you have an ad or other service in conjunction.
  18. Refunds are not available. All sales final.
  19. Copyrights are owned by Joseph Greenbaum. Photos may not be altered in any way shape or form and photo credit must be given at all times. You are responsible for photos given without logos, should photos given without logos be visible with no photo credit, you are responsible for a fee of $100/photo per url or location.
  20. Timely responses are required for selecting photos once proofs have been sent. You must select the photos you want within 3 days of proofs being sent or you forfeit any payments given and are no longer owed any photos, and may be liable for a late fee, regardless of any other terms. You agree to show up at your scheduled location within 10 minutes of the scheduled time. Late arrivals and no shows may forfeit your deposit. Should you hire me to shoot and you do not answer your phone within 10 minutes of me arriving on site and texting you, you may forfeit your deposit.
  21. Trade is not considered pay, and should something more pressing come up, I reserve the right to cancel your shoot at last minute.
  22. Missed Photos/Your needed photos are not my responsibility unless you have given me a written shot list via email to [email protected] prior to our shoot.
  23. Children are not my responsibility. It’s your job to make sure your child complies. I will do my best to capture them, but sometimes children need to get photos done on their terms. Should I need to shoot a second time due to a child or missed photo, you still must pay full price, or if you contract me to be your sole photographer, I will do it at 25-50% off.
  24. Professionalism. You hired me for my expertise. I reserve the right to charge full price with no photos rendered should I be treated with disrespect or ordered around.
  25. Your email may be used on a technology/photo emailer once in a while. You consent to this. You can unsubscribe after the first email.
  26. Affiliate Links. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
  27. What to expect. Please click here for my FAQ.
  28. All terms are in effect unless stated otherwise. IE. in an email, etc. Terms are also subject to change without notice. My services are as is.
  29. Tech terms at http://myaz.tech/tos